Run Car On Water. Miracle or Scam?

Water comprises for more than 70% of the Earth that we live on, and we use water for various purposes in our lives. We all know that water has the power to generate energy, but most of us are unaware that this energy can be used for running cars on water as well. Mention the word ‘hydro-electric power’, and people would form a picture in their minds about a huge dam with water speedily flowing to rotate the turbine for the production of electricity. This is true, but water can also produce energy in another way.

As you all know, water (H2O) contains two hydrogen and one oxygen atom. But you must be unaware that Oxy-hydrogen is composed in a similar manner (H2O). At room temperature, oxy-hydrogen is in the gaseous state, while water is in the liquid state. Oxy-hydrogen, used mainly in big industries for the purpose of melding glass, metal, etc. is highly inflammable in nature.

Having the same elements, it is very much possible to convert water into oxy-hydrogen. But what’s it use? Let’s find out.

Water can be converted into oxy-hydrogen by the process of electrolysis. As oxy-hydrogen will be highly inflammable when combined with gasoline, it can give additional energy for running cars on water, which would increase the mileage of the car as well. Though it is not possible to run a car only on water, but it certainly brings down the gas requirement by a huge extent.

Running cars on water has been popular for quite some time now. Studies have been conducted to find how water-emitted hydrogen helps in acting as fuel for cars. Experiments to find this out have succeeded, and it has been possible to run cars on water.

But for pure political reasons, this information hasn’t been revealed to the public, since oil makes the government rich enough. In fact, it has been the production of oil and its export that has made a couple of nations very powerful. Given the rising price of oil, if this technology is revealed to the public, demand for oil, and thus, government revenues, would come crashing down. Not only will the oil companies suffer because of this, the oil producing countries will suffer due to their heavy losses as well.

As mentioned earlier, water has two hydrogen parts and one oxygen part. Hydrogen is emitted when electric current is passed through water. This hydrogen can be used for running cars on water. It must be mentioned here that only water cannot help in running a car due to the huge amount of electricity required, so a mixture of water and gasoline is needed. So using water for running cars will reduce your cost, apart from giving you other benefits.

If you are considering making the move to running your car on water instead of the traditional gasoline, there are a few things that you should know. First of all, it is important to understand why this is a good idea and what it does to benefit not only you, but the car as well a the environment.

First of all, you will save money after you have installed the equipment on your car and converted it to running on water. The money you save will equal about 40% of the money that you currently spend on gas each month. This means if you are buying about 300 gallons of gas a month, you're spending 1000, and with this method you will save about 400$ a month. This means that you will be able to use this money for something else.

Also, your engine will benefit from the use of water instead of the traditional fuels. The water will clean your engine out as you are using it. Most of the time, the damage in your engine is coming from unburned and unused fuel. This means that if you use less fuel, your car's engine will be much healthier and will stay healthier for longer. There will be less problems with your car and with the engine of your car, so using water is a good option for your vehicle.

Also, of course, you'll be polluting the environment less. Everyone would like to be green, and by changing your car over to a car that runs on water, you can save your share of the planet and do something small that will end up having big implications. This is one of the ways that you can help yourself help the environment.

If you are interested in running your car on water, there are a few steps that you can take to make this a reality. The first thing that you need to know is that you aren't actually using pure water to run your car. What you'll be doing is changing the water into H2O cells. This is done through a process of electrolysis. The cells are produced by electrolysis and then they are converted to electrical power, which is then used as fuel by your car.

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